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Cleaning Your Crystal


1. Cold water

- When you receive your crystal, give it a fresh start by cleaning it under cold tap water for a few minutes. 


2. Sand

- You can also choose to bury your stone for 24 hours to properly clean it from any energy it might have from people that have handled the stone before you. Remember that if it rains the Lapis Lazuli or Black Tourmaline shouldn't get wet. 


3. Amethyst

- It's also possible to place your stones on top or 'inside' a larger amethyst stone. This cleans them from any energy, but remember to then clean your amethyst after the stones have been on there for 24 hours. 



Charging Your Crystal

How often you recharge your crystals depends entirely on the energy you ‘take’ from them. For some, this means once a month; for others, once a week. It’s a personal matter between you and your crystals.


Crystals in a space you are often (stressed!) in, or crystals you wear all the time, you'll want to clean and charge more often than others. But remember, it doesn't have to be very complicated.

When you see your stones starting to look dull and less vibrant, return them to nature. 

There are several ways to do that:

1. Moonlight

- Lunar energy helps cleanse and charge crystals, and the moon’s light is brightest and has the most power during the full moon.

- Leave your crystals out in the moonlight — ideally for three days before and three days after a full moon, but at least for 24 hours. Behind glass is fine too, as long as the stones are in plain sight of the moonlight. 

2. Sunlight​


- You can also charge some stones in the sunlight. However, sunlight is more intense, and not all stones should be exposed to direct sunlight as it can damage and fade them. Try charging at sunrise or sunset as this is when the sunlight is a lot less bright. 

- Avoid charging the following stones in the sunlight as they could loose their color: amethyst, aquamarine, aventurine, beryl, celestite, fluorite, kunzite, larimar, malachite, opal, rose quarts, tourmaline, turkoise.

3. Clear Quartz (Bergcristal)

- Finally, crystals can also be gently charged in a clear quartz cluster or a small pile of clear quartz stones.


- Leave the stone in the quartz for at least 24 hours. The clear quartz themselves should be cleaned regularly, which you can do by simply placing them under running water.  

Remember it doesn't have to be very complicated. Every time you open a window or light a candle your crystals are returned to nature a bit, too!

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