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Anti-radiation stones for a 3-year old

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

We went to see a holistic doctor for our 1-year old son, but ended up buying black tourmaline stones for our 3-year old.

Our youngest has had allergies since the day he was born, so we were interested in getting a few opinions, next to our general practitioner, about what could be the cause of this. While we were there he also had a look at our other son and quickly concluded that he was very sensitive to radiation. The doctor thought we must live quite close a power box or something else around the house and we do. And we do.

He showed us with a specific type of radiation power meter how much radiation comes out of a mobile phone. The power meter went mental. He smiled and then placed a black tourmaline stone on top of the phone. The meter went down to barely moving at all. We were convinced.

The doctor recommended we put a few black tourmaline stones next to his bed and perhaps that he even wear one on a bracelet. The biggest challenge with this has actually been to discourage our son to play with the stones as if he's building Lego towers!

The black tourmaline stone next to my kid's bed

This post appeared on in November 2019. You can read it (in Dutch) here!

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