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Children and gemstones

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

I don't know about you guys but I used to really love stones when I was little. I collected stones (and shells..) everywhere and took them home. At one point the rule "you can take as many stones as you can carry yourself" was created because I kept collecting. I was walking down the pebble beach holding up my pants or they would fall down because of the amount of stones I had in my pockets… Well… I think this is fairly recognizable for many parents. Beautiful stones have a certain attraction to children. Beautifully round or smooth or shimmering.

My own son now often chooses from a bowl in the evening which stone he wants to take to bed. Often he chooses a Black Tourmaline or Amethyst which are both related to relaxation and letting go of thoughts for a better night's sleep. What I always pay close attention to is that the stone is not too small so that he can put it in his mouth or that it is too big to hold and maybe 'too' powerful. A nice cuddly stone is best. Always be careful with young children and babies that they cannot put the stone in their mouths. You can also put the stone under the fitted sheet in the bed or in the pillowcase.

Children can therefore take a stone to bed as a 'cuddly stone'. But there are many more possibilities to introduce children to gemstones. Just like with adults, a child can also put a stone in his/her pocket during an exciting day. You can put a stone on the bedside table for a good night's sleep or give your (slightly older) child its own piece of jewelry made of a gemstone. Also note that bracelets with small beads are not suitable for young children and babies.

As with adults, we recommend that children also choose their own stone. Let them feel which stone suits them best. Often they choose a stone that can really bring them something!

Stones regularly used by children:

Rose Quartz: This is the stone for love! It promotes all kinds of love you can get and give. Think of friendships at school or falling in love. Don't forget self-love and acceptance! Self-confidence grows and your child is more open to love from others.

Amethyst: This stone is known for its calming and protective effect. It provides rest and relaxation. Place an Amethyst on your child's bedside table or under your baby's mattress for a more peaceful sleep.

Green Aventurine: This has a calming and protective effect. It provides peace of mind and a good feeling in body and mind. This stone creates a more patient, positive and empathetic attitude.

Tiger's eye: This stone protects against negative external influences. He gives courage, strength and confidence during difficult moments. It helps your child to achieve dreams and goals. It can provide more self-confidence and less fear of failure! This can be put in the backpack or trouser pocket of the child, for example, during an exciting test!

Lapis Lazuli: The Lapis Lazuli instills confidence to speak the truth. It ensures that your child can express his own opinion and stand for what he stands for! Your child can better recognize, articulate and express his emotions by wearing this stone. This also gives your child more peace of mind.

Black Tourmaline: Tourmaline absorbs radiation around us, including from electrical appliances that many children come into contact with today. It rids your body and mind of negative thoughts and energy. As a result, there is more relaxation, self-confidence and less fear.

White Agate: White Agate protects mother and child during pregnancy. This stone has a protective, peaceful and calming effect. It can reduce pain and help prevent nausea. It can also promote milk production after giving birth!

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