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Cleansing a room of bad energy? Really?? by Marjolijn

Our home office is at the center of our house so it is used for many purposes. Sometimes we have guests stay over on the pull-out couch, sometimes the kids set up their train there, but most times we use it to work.

In the almost three years that we've lived in this house, both my husband and I never loved working there. As we both had jobs at corporate companies, we assumed it was because the desk wasn't big enough or there wasn't an extra screen, or any of the other practical inconveniences it had.

One random day I decided to work from home and it felt different. I was so productive, the vibe was great, something had changed and I couldn't put my finger on it. I said this to my husband that evening, that it felt like it was a different room and he looked at me quite suspiciously as if I was testing him. he then admitted he had 'cleansed' the room of bad energy the night before with some sage we had lying around.

I had no idea. He had no idea. We are both very pragmatic, realistic people that like fact-based solutions. But we both felt there was a different vibe in that office. Now, when we've had a party or a lot of people have been over, we sometimes cleans the house with sage again. You know what? This might not be fact based, but it does feel nice.

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