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The crystals of Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian & Busy Phillips

Gemstones always had a certain image. That they were only for hippies, that you had to be very woolly to believe in them. That, once you were 'into' gems, you immediately had to fill your house. That you were a little weird walking around with a pebble in your pocket (just because you thought that was a good idea).

Gems and celebrities

However, social media & celebrity culture have changed that, showing that everyone can benefit from some extra power on your wrist, or in your pocket. In Hollywood it is super normal to have a small rock crystal, combined with a citrine and a piece of moonstone around your neck, look at the average photo of Busy Phillips or Nicole Richie. Or to go the extra mile in tough times and wear Tiger eye and Onyx bracelets, check out Kim Kardashion after her Paris robbery. The combination of hope, spirituality and mindfulness has already penetrated there years ago.

Manifesting in combination with gems

When I set up my Wild Stones Amsterdam business, the most frequently asked question from my environment was: “Do you really believe in that?” Yes, I really believe in that. I don't believe that you should sit in a hut with only gems around you and wait for the rest to be okay, unfortunately it doesn't work that way because then Spencer Pratt would have been a billionaire long ago. I do believe that it is a combination of a certain physical strength and manifesting what you want to achieve.

More confidence with leopard skin agate

A customer once gave us her feedback about the leopard skin agate necklace she ordered two weeks earlier. She wanted a gem for a job interview she had the following week and chose the leopard skin agate because it gives you extra confidence (and, bonus points, looks really nice too). Every time she looked at her stone, she was reminded: "Oh yes, today I have some extra confidence with me!" Of course, this stone has a physical energy (I'll go into that in my next column), but combined with the mental strength she drew from her stone and manifesting her purpose beforehand, she was more confident than ever in the conversation. And what do you think? Of course she was accepted.

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