Burnt Amethist cluster which is often mistaken for Citrine. It has the same qualties as 'normal' Amethyst! Nevertheless it's a beautiful cluster and will work wonders on your bedstand or for calming energy around the house. 


Weight: 250 grams

You will receive the exact stone pictured above. 


  • Natural stress reliever

  • GREAT for sleeping better

  • Amethyst magnifies positive vibes while cleansing the body of negative energy, including toxic emotions such as anger, anxiety and fear.

  • Powerful crystal for getting in touch with your authentic self.

  • Known for its powerful spiritual properties, beautiful amethyst is an ideal stone to place around the home.

  • While focusing on your intention, place amethyst in your office or bedroom to emanate calming energies and invite in abundance.

Burnt Amethyst cluster (Gebrande Amethist cluster)

  • High quality hand picked gemstone delivered to your doorstep fully cleaned and charged.