This candle light is shaped from natural Clear Quartz. It is a beautiful addition to your home. When you light the candle, the crystal fills with a nice glow which calms and warms the energie in the house. It is the highest quality and clarity clear quartz available. It comes with a vanilla scented tealight to enhance the energy of the Clear Quartz. 


  • Clear quartz helps to raise your consciousness, bring clarity, and amplify energy.
  • The master healer! Hold against your chest and point up to obtain energy, point down to release energy.
  • ​It is also the most versatile stone because it magnifies the vibrations of the stones around it.

Clear quartz candle holder (bergkristal lichtje)

SKU: 90201108
  • High quality hand picked gemstone candle holder delivered to your doorstep fully cleaned and charged. It comes with a vanilla-scented tealight candle. 


    Your stone will arrive in a box along with a card to remind you of your stone's effects.


    Remember that each stone is unique so it could look slightly different from this photo.