Beautiful leopard skin jasper!  Limited edition as there are not many of these stones available!

The chain is made of the best stainless steel gold-plated out there or 100% silver.


As this is a product of nature, all stones are different. Size and color vary slightly from the images seen here. 

  • Jasper stones have been highly valued for their healing and grounding properties. Found all over the world, this healing gemstone deepens your connection to the Earth, helping to reduce stress, calm your mind and ground your energy. 

  • Leopard skin Jasper strengthens your connection to the Earth, encouraging motivation and stimulating physical energy.

  • In addition to the generic properties of Jasper this stone will be a mirror for yourself, clearing assumptions and getting you back on you life path. 

Leopard stone round necklace (luipaard steen ketting rond)

SKU: 90201061
  • High quality real gem stone set in a stainless steel gold-plated or silver necklace chain with a small steel charm saying WSA (Wild Stones Amsterdam).

    Your necklace will arrive in a beautiful protective box along with a card to remind you of your stone's effects.