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How do you choose the right gemstone for you?

Bijgewerkt op: 25 okt. 2022

We are regularly asked which stone someone should choose. There is no straightforward answer to this. Choosing a gemstone is very personal! There are many different types and sizes of gemstones. As these stones have their own effect and reflect their own feeling.

Choose by intuition

We often recommend that you choose by intuition. All gemstones radiate a certain energy. Look at different stones, pay attention to the color, clarity and shape. The stone you are drawn to is often the right stone for you. If you then read the effects of the stone, you will often recognize why you 'need' that stone now. Trust your own gut feeling and go from there.

Choose by color

Gemstones and crystals come in different colors , sizes and shapes. The color of a stone is not only beautiful and perhaps fits well with your outfit, but also tells you something about how it works. The color is determined by the different elements and minerals from which the stone is built. That is why gemstones often have different colors or areas of color. If you know what the colors mean, it is also easier to choose a certain color. In general, a stone with a warm color (red, orange, yellow) is more stimulating and activating. The Jade is a green stone that calms and relaxes more. This is a neutral color. And a bluish or purple stone has a harmonizing effect.

Choose your birthstone

Each horoscope month has its own stones. Certain stones are better suited to certain character traits than others. That is why you can also choose a stone that fits your horoscope. Take a look at the website where it is explained which stones fit which horoscope!

Choose by energy

Sometimes there are days when you need a certain power. For a job interview, an important appointment, because you are stuck in your own (or someone else's) negative thoughts or because you didn't sleep very well. Each stone has its own power and energy and choosing a stone for what you need at that moment can work very well. By taking a moment to think about what you need and then looking for a stone based on the energy it omits, you ensure that the stone completely suits you at that moment in your life.

If you need a little more self-love then the Rose Quartz is the stone for you. Could your night rest be better and are you a bit stressed? Then you need an Amethyst. To get rid of negative thoughts and negative energy around you, I would go for the Black Tourmaline. If you need to keep both feet on the ground, if you are looking for focus and structure, the Red Jasper could be an asset. Search here on the website for how a stone works to see what you need!

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