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Our Story

I've been gifting stones, crystals, edelstenen and necklaces to friends and family for years, but I have always struggled to find products that paired a more down-to-earth and clear message about crystals and what they stood for with a piece of jewelry that's simply beautiful, minimalistic and wearable.

So, after 10 years in the corporate world, I changed tact and founded Wild Stones Amsterdam in 2019 to bring exactly the jewelry I'd been looking for myself to everyone else! In 2021 my sister Elise joined the business and we extended our product assortment further with more stones. 

Our Products

Why crystals you may ask? Is there science behind this? Does there need to be? The very act of pausing, reflecting, and setting an intention feels good, which in turn makes me healthier. Your day can start off with a routine, manifesting what you want to achieve, which makes you feel more settled and in control.


And throughout your day, when you glance at them, you're reminded of the fact that you woke up and decided to take good care of yourself that day.


Does it help? Hell yes it does! If something helps you stay better connected to yourself, the universe, and your intentions, it's a healthy practice in my book. And it's nice when they look extra pretty :)


Our Quality

Wild Stones works with only the best and most reputable crystal suppliers from around the world. Every piece is designed and produced in the precious stone capital of the world, Amsterdam.


Each crystal is hand-picked by me, and charged under the most recent full moon prior to shipping. Our stones and crystals have not been heated, treated or dyed and every one them is real. 


I work with suppliers I trust and that are consciously improving the ethical and carbon footprint that they leave behind. At Wild Stones we use only recycled materials in our packaging and work closely with our suppliers to ensure we do anything we can to improve the total supply chain. 

Have a special request? Email us here. 

Stay wild! xx

Elise & Marjolijn


Photo credit: Annebel Eppinga Fotografie

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