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How does a gemstone work?

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How a gemstone works. What do they do and how do they work?

Each gemstone is a unique stone that each has its own effect. Gemstones work on an energetic level. The effect is not tangible, but you can feel it. The powers of some stones can be very different. There are stones for love, protection, anti-stress or grounding. Below we will discuss the energetic effect in more detail, but first we will explain how a stone is constructed and how you can recognize what kind of energy they radiate.

A gemstone consists of minerals. Usually these are 2 or 3 minerals. A mineral is a substance that occurs in the soil and that can form crystals when it grows. The color of the gemstone is determined by the type of minerals. Ambers and pearls are called as gemstones but do not grow in this way. They are formed by plants and animals and are also called organic stones.

The performance of a gemstone is influenced by its density and clarity. Clear stones like a Clear quartz work on the mind. This will allow you to see situations more clearly. So stones that are more translucent are part of your feelings. A rose quartz, for example, belongs to love. If the density of a stone is higher, they have a more earthy effect. These earthly stones work towards the body. Like the Jasper. This provides grounding, more focus and more physical energy. Or the White Agate, which protects mother and child during pregnancy.

You can also see from the color of a stone what kind of energy it radiates. The warmer colors, such as red/yellow/orange, have a stimulating and activating effect. A neutral shade of green has a calming and relaxing effect. A blue or purple stone has a harmonizing effect.

Energy in a gemstone

Humans, like gemstones, also consist of energy. This way you as a human being can use the power of a gemstone. You want to keep the stone you need close to you so that you can absorb and use the energy. If you hold a gemstone close to you (on your body or in the same room) the energy of the stone will be absorbed by your body. The minerals that are in a stone can also be absorbed by your skin.

Vice versa, a gemstone can also absorb energy from your body. If you wear or hold a stone on your body, it can take the negative energy from you and make you feel a bit better! This makes it important to occasionally 'clean' and charge your stones. By this we do not mean physically clean but clean in terms of energy. See also the 'Cleaning and charging' page on the website.

A few examples:

- Amethyst is often placed under a cot or under someone's pillow for a better night's sleep. Even if you expect a stressful day, it is nice to carry an Amethyst necklace or stone with you so that you have a little more rest.

- Black Tourmaline rids you of negative thoughts and also repels the negative energy around you. The Tourmaline also protects you against radiation from electrical devices. This is a nice stone to place next to your computer or (home) workplace, for example.

- Citrine is a sunny stone that brings good luck. This is a powerful stone in manifesting. It provides a positive outlook and motivates your mind to have good habits and an optimistic attitude.

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