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The color of a gemstone

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Gemstones come in many different colors and sizes. We often say that you should go by your gut feeling when choosing a stone. Sometimes, however, it is useful to know what the effect and energy of a stone is before you choose. Below we explain where the color of a stone comes from and what the different colors mean!

A gemstone is made up of different minerals. Due to the different minerals, stones often have multiple colors/color areas.

  • Aluminum: gives bluish tints

  • Chrome: iron colored

  • Lime: opaque white

  • Silica: clear translucent or dense white

  • Cobalt: blue and pink

  • Copper: copper color, blue-green and green

  • Magnesium: Color of ivory, dense (opaque)

  • Manganese: pink to purple shades, sometimes blackish

  • Nickel: iron colored

  • Zinc: gray

  • Iron: color red or iron color

So if you look at the color of a stone, you can also see what it is (approximately) made up of. The Jasper is made up of a lot of iron, the Jade contains a lot of copper and the Rose Quartz contains a lot of manganese!

Nice to know why certain stones have certain colors, but what do these colors actually mean? In general, a stone with a warm color such as red/orange/yellow is stimulating and activating. Green, purple and blue stones calm, relax and harmonize.

Effects and energy of a gemstone by color


Pink gemstones have to do with love and with the heart. Gemstones in the color pink open your heart to love. This is about all kinds of love. Love for your partner, parents, children but also self-love! An example of a pink gemstone is of course the Rose Quartz!

White or clear

These specific color stones reflect the light. Clear stones stimulate clarity in yourself and help you to find out what it really is that you want. To see situations clearly. White stones promote neutrality and symbolize peace. They help you to remain calm and neutral in multi-party situations. They also provide physical healing and protection. White or clear stones support the action of other stones and enhance their strength. Clear quartz, Moonstone and White Agate are examples of white or clear stones.


Red gemstones stimulate blood circulation and give strength. These work well for fatigue and lack of energy. They activate the inner fire and the ability to stand up for who you are. Helps you to stand up for yourself and feel energized. They connect to the earth and help ground you. Red Jasper is a good example of this.


Blue gemstones promote inner peace. They promote seeing and speaking one's own truth. Turquoise stones have long been regarded as stones that protect and ward off evil. These are still often used in some cultures as amulet to ward off the evil eye. Lapis Lazuli is a stone that promotes speaking the truth!


Yellow gems are nice, happy stones! They are reminiscent of the sun and light. They have an invigorating effect on us and promote a positive zest for life. They are also called lucky stones and support our self-confidence. For this reason, these sunny stones also work well in supporting depression and helping us to live life with more confidence. They promote an optimistic attitude! Citrine is often worn as a necklace for this reason!


Green is the color of the heart. Green stones therefore help to live and feel from your heart. They help you feel good with yourself again and bring you and your life into harmony. Because green stones have such an effect on the heart, they also help you to let go of bad feelings and to be hopeful and optimistic in life again. To feel good with yourself again. They bring you happiness and bring prosperity. Jade and Green Aventurine are green gems.


The most famous purple gemstone is the Amethyst. Purple gemstones provide spiritual freedom. They are often used in meditation. Purple promotes peace and helps to process trauma. They also provide compassion, understanding and empathy. A purple stone also lowers the feeling of stress and by promoting rest it can ensure a better sleep pattern.


Black gemstones provide relaxation throughout the body and are especially useful for discharging excess energy. Black stones, such as Black Tourmaline or Onyx, will absorb excess energy. This allows the body to relax and the pain often disappears. Often this also involves negative thoughts and energy. In addition, black gemstones can also clean the air from radiation from devices and are therefore ideal for placing on your bedside table or (home) workplace!

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