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The Golden Triangle combination

Bijgewerkt op: 25 okt. 2022

The Golden Triangle is a combination of the crystals; Clear quartz, Amethyst and Rose Quartz.

I regularly like to combine my gemstones with each other. Usually I do that using my intuition but there is 1 combination that is known as the 'Golden triangle'! The Golden Triangle is a combination of the stones; Clear quartz, Amethyst and Rose Quartz. When you use or lay these three gemstones together, you create the best possible positive energy flow.

Clear quartz

Clear quartz cleanses, purifies and strengthens. It's an important stone in the Golden Triangle, among other things because it enhances the effect of other stones! Clear quartz gives you energy and can give you clear insights. Mentally, it promotes concentration, clear thinking and helps to adopt a neutral attitude.

The stone has a purifying, vitalizing, cooling effect (for burns, for example), analgesic, fever-reducing, stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance. Many people also carry this stone with them during the healing process of an illness or surgery. It is a great stone to meditate with, to wear on you or to energetically cleanse a space.

Rose quartz

The Rose Quartz is perhaps the most beautiful and well-known gemstone. It opens your heart and makes you more accessible to receive love, beauty and it increases your empathy. It becomes easier to give and receive love through the Rose Quartz. The Rose Quartz will also inspire and help you create new things!

The Rose Quartz increases your self-esteem, boosts your confidence and helps you feel emotionally balanced while releasing stress, tension and anger. It teaches you to love yourself again if you have lost that after possible traumatic experiences.

Rose quartz also helps with anxiety. It calms and comforts you.


The Amethyst is the the stone to bring peace and harmony. It neutralizes negative tensions and energies. The Amethyst helps you grow and develop your intuition.

The Amethyst increases positive energy and reduces nerves and stress. It helps improve concentration, calms strong emotions and brings stability. It is a fantastic stone to place next to your bed (or under/in the fitted sheet of a baby/toddler bed) for a better night's sleep!

How to use the Golden triangle:

When you receive the stones, you can first clean them (see information on the website about cleaning). Then find a spot where you can place the stones. Choose a nice spot that you visit or look at regularly. This can be in the living room, but also in your bedroom, office or children's room! You can also turn it into a beautiful 'altar' by adding a nice card with a beautiful saying, a (scented) candle or some dried flowers. Don't forget to recharge the stones every now and then at Full Moon. (See information on the charging website.)

You can also meditate with the stones. When meditating, arrange the stones around you in a triangle or hold them in your hands while meditating. Choose a meditation goal that suits your stones. For example to allow more love into your life or for more peace of mind.

Finally, you can also carry the stones with you. If you have 'small' cuddly stones, you can carry them in your pocket or take them with you in your bag. Or you wear several necklaces together in combination with 1 stone in your pocket! This way you have the power of the Golden Triangle with you when you have an exciting or busy day.

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