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Top 5 crystals to gift a loved one

Bijgewerkt op: 25 okt. 2022

Around the holidays, the most frequently asked question on Instagram is:

"Which gemstone is the best gift?"

So, once and for all, here are the top 5 gems to give as gifts:

Rose quartz

By far in 1st place: the stone that not only looks very beautiful with its pink mysterious glow, but also carries the most beautiful message and energy: love. The perfect gift for her! This stone attracts love, both romantic and friendly and also self-love. A friend of mine always puts it nicely: “We should always wear rose quartz”.


Lucky Jade! Green jade brings good luck. A nice gift to receive and give, because we always give our loved ones a little extra happiness, right? This stone is often bought at the start of a new job, around exam time or when moving house. It is a protective stone (especially against physical harm) and it creates harmony and balance in your life while at the same time attracting good luck.


Do you know someone who sleeps badly? The purple amethyst is great to put next to your bed or under your pillow for a deeper sleep. Especially people who are usually "not so into gems" find a lot of benefit from an Amethyst. If you are very grounded and not so spiritual you will notice the biggest difference with an Amethyst. A very nice anti-stress stone to carry with you every day if you have a busy week at the office!

Clear quartz

Clear quartz goes with everything. Literally and figuratively. It is a clear, whitish stone that matches not only with every piece of clothing, but also with every other stone. It strengthens the stones around it and is therefore a good piece to start with in your gem collection. It blocks negative energy and is therefore often used in healing after surgery or illness.

Lapis Lazuli

The Sagittarius crystal: Blue Lapis Lazuli. Not only is it a fine stone for any Sagittarius to carry, it works for everyone: the gem of truth and increasing your intuition. With the beautiful blue color and very small glitter, it stimulates you to say what is bothering you and to talk about your emotions. Perhaps the ideal stone for every partner?

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