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Top 5 most loving Mother's Day gifts

Soon it will be Mother's Day again! Of course homemade gifts are always the best, but sometimes you also want to give a 'real' gift but with the same loving meaning! We have put together a top 5 for you with the most loving Mother's Day gifts (and there is an option for every budget!).

The top 5 consists of gifts from cheaper to more expensive and are all with the Rose Quartz gemstone! The Rose Quartz gemstone promotes positive energy. It is a quartz crystal that owes its name to the beautiful pink color. Available in gorgeous shades of pink, these pretty gems are powerful to wear on your body. The Rose Quartz gemstone enhances all kinds of love: self-love, love for others and unconditional love. This small but mighty baby pink wonder boosts self-esteem, restores confidence, helps with emotional balance and releases stress/tension/anger.


Number 1 is the Rose Quartz jewelry box set! This beautiful set comes in a glass jewelry box with the Wild Stones Amsterdam logo on it. It consists of a Rose Quartz necklace (you can choose between different lengths of necklaces and between a gold-plated or 100% silver chain), a Rose Quartz bracelet and a Rose Quartz gemstone. You can have these gift wrapped by us and you're immediately ready for Mother's Day!

Kies tussen goud en zilver. Rozenkwarts ketting, ketting van de liefde. Speciaal cadeau voor haar, moederdag, kerst of verjaardag.
Rose Quartz minimalist necklace


Second is the Rose Quartz necklace. Here also you can choose between gold-plated and 100% silver and you can choose between a short chain, medium length or a long chain!


On 3 is the Mini Rose Quartz necklace. The little sister of the minimalist Rose Quartz. The same beautiful Rose Quartz but a size smaller. Beautiful on a short chain, but you can also choose a different length here!


Number 4 is the Rose Quartz bracelet. This is also included in the jewelry box set, but you can also buy it separately! It is a beautiful bracelet of rose quartz beads with a small charm with WSA (Wild Stones Amsterdam) on it.


And last but not least... a beautiful Rose quarts candle light or a Vanilla scented candle infused with a small Rose quartz stone.

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