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Beautiful bracelet on an elastic band with a tiny silver stone and Wild Stones Amsterdam logo. 


  • Jasper stones have been highly valued for their healing and grounding properties. Found all over the world, this healing gemstone deepens your connection to the Earth, helping to reduce stress, calm your mind and ground your energy. 

  • Red Jasper strengthens your connection to the Earth, encouraging motivation and stimulating physical energy.

  • It is also beneficial to wear a red jasper if you are a person who often feels a bit scattered and unfocused. 


This bracelet is available in size L. 

Red Jasper bracelet big beads (Rode jaspis armband grote kralen)

Productcode: 90201048
€ 26,00Prijs
  • High quality real gem stones on an elastic cord with a small branded charm. Your bracelet arrives in a protective jewelry box with a card to remind you of its superpowers. 


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