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How to make and use a crystal grid.

If you follow any crystal or more spiritual people on Instagram, it's likely you've come across crystal grids. Don't worry, it's not difficult, spacey or completely out there. It's just a way to set an intention or goal for yourself and a way to remind yourself of that intention/goal every time you walk past it! It's when you take different stones and place them to help focus their energy to a specific intention.

There are 2 ways to make a crystal grid. There are 4 easy steps when you have multiple crystals that you can use. Or when you only have a couple, I have a different easy way to achieve the same result! Scroll down a bit for the second way.

Step 1 Set your intention.

Think of why you are making a crystal grid. What is it you want to achieve? It can vary from acing a certain test, enjoying your own company or having abundance in your life. Set your intention in your mind or write it down on a piece of paper and fold it. Formulate it in the present and in a positive way. I made a crystal grid and wrote down my intention: I have courage to speak my mind and achieve the goals I have for my career.

Step 2 Pick your crystals.

After setting your intentions, pick the crystals that have energy that support your intention. Or listen to your gut and just go with the crystals that speak to you! Pick a larger center stone to start with. This is the base of your intention. I choose Rose quartz for self-esteem and confidence. Then Tiger's eye for the courage to follow my dreams and goals. Jasper to keep me grounded and focused and last but not least: Lapis Lazuli for speaking my mind.

Step 3 Choose a geometrical shape.

Many of the crystal grids you see are massive, but it really doesn't have to be that difficult. A simple circle or square can do the trick. Every shape has a different energy. Triangles work towards simplicity and structure. Squares help with boundaries. Spirals are about reaching out and expanding. And a circle shape works for courage. That's the shape I choose to use.

Step 4 Place your crystals.

Print out your geometrical shape or imagine it in your mind. First place the center stone. If you've written down your intention, fold it and place it under the center stone! After that place the more important stones around it. Lastly place the crystals that connect the dots. I placed my Rose Quartz in the middle. The Jasper and Tiger's eye stones around it and I connected these using Lapis Lazuli stones.

When you've placed all your crystals make sure to place your grid somewhere you pass it frequently. Every time you pass it you will be reminded of your intention.

Another way to make a crystal grid is the following:

The simplest crystal grid:

1. Set your intention, write it down and fold it.

2. Pick a crystal that represents you right now. This will be your center stone.

3. Pick a stone that represents your vision for the future. Place it above the center stone.

4. Place a protective/grounding stone that keeps the past in the past below the center stone.

5. On the left side, place a stone that represents the energy you need more of to complete the task at hand.

6. Then on the right side of the central stone place a stone that represents the energy of one of your strengths, something that will hold you down in your pursuit.

7. Then wave your hand over your 5-stone grid and say your intention out loud in the present tense: I will make a promotion!

You really don't have to go broke buying crystals. Use what you have and include elements of nature! Flowers, seeds, candles and even small trinkets you have that have a special meaning. Like seashells you found on a special holiday at the beach. These can stand for stones and can even make your grid more meaningful!

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