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How to use your gorgeous crystals?

Bijgewerkt op: 25 okt. 2022

Because gemstones work on an energetic level, we can use the energy that a gemstone radiates. To make use of this it is important to be in contact with this energy. You don't always have to carry this with you, but how do you do that in everyday life?

Wear your gemstone as jewelry

By wearing the stone, processed in a piece of jewelry, on your skin you make contact with the gemstone and you can benefit from its energy. Besides the fact that it is nice to experience its power, it also looks very beautiful!

Carry a stone in your pocket

Besides as a piece of jewelry, you can also benefit from the energy if you carry a stone in your pocket. By being in contact with the stone you feel its powers. In addition, it is sometimes a good reminder to, for example, relax. When I have a stressful, busy day ahead of me, I often put an Amethyst in my pocket. Because I sometimes feel the stone, I am reminded to take a step back and take a rest.

Put it in a place in your home

A gemstone in your home can look beautiful! There are beautiful stones available that are home accessories or stones that can hold a tea light that have a positive effect on the atmosphere and energy in the house.


Gemstones can make your meditation even more powerful. You can hold a rock or place it on the ground nearby. It depends on you what works best for you. Also choose a specific stone to meditate with. Do you want to get some more love for yourself during your meditation? Then choose a rose quartz.

With your health ritual or bath

Make a lovely bath for yourself where you place stones in or around the bath. (Note! Not all stones can withstand water. Like Black Tourmaline!) Light some more candles and you have a wonderfully relaxing bath! (This is also nice without gemstones!) You also have facial massage rollers that use gemstones. A Jade massage roller is one of the best known for that. The Jade is known as a purifying and protective stone!

In your water

Fill a bottle with water and choose a gemstone that you want to benefit from. Put the stone in the water and let it 'stew' for a few hours. Note! Some gemstones, such as Black Tourmaline or Malachite, cannot withstand water.

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