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Mala necklace blue Lapis Lazuli gemstones.

Check out our Mala Necklaces. The perfect blend of style, spirituality, and meaning. Malas aren't just an accessorie. They're your daily dose of positivity and intention. Each gemstone carries a unique significance, helping you stay grounded and focused. Whether you're into yoga, meditation, or just want to add a touch of zen to your outfit.


  • Lapis Lazuli is a gemstone of total awareness and truth

  • It stimulates speaking up, stating your opinion and talking about your emotions and things that are bothering you.

  • Wearing a piece of lapis lazuli jewelry helps you to further your journey of self-discovery.

  • It enhances your insight and intuition, connecting you with ancient knowledge and wisdom. 

  • This stone makes you more honest, sincere and helps you find your inner truth and accept it.

  • Lapis Lazuli encourages creativity, objectivity and a clear mind. 

Mala necklace blue Lapis Lazuli gemstones

Productcode: 1026 05 WSA
€ 69,95Prijs
  • High quality real Lapis Lazuli gemstones Mala necklace. 8mm round. Lenght 100cm.

    Your necklace will arrive in a beautiful protective box along with a card to remind you of your stone's effects.

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