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Mala necklace brown Smoky Quartz gemstones.

Looking to add a little zen to your style? How about our gorgeous Mala Necklaces with real gemstones! These beauties are not just about fashion. They're like a mini-meditation you can wear. Each gemstone represents an intention or mantra, so you can keep your mindfulness game strong, wherever you go. We've got a Mala to match your vibe.


  • Smoky quartz is one of the best grounding and cleansing stones.
  • It's a protective stone and it absorbs stress. Therefore it's a great stone to place in a living area. It will bring a positive vibration to fill the space. 
  • It will teach you to leave behind anything that no longer serves you. 

Mala necklace brown Smoky Quartz gemstones

Productcode: 1026 03 WSA
€ 69,95Prijs
  • High quality real Smoky quartz gemstones. 8mm round. 100cm lenght.Y

    our necklace arrives in a protective jewelry box with a card to remind you of its superpowers. 


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