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Middle sized stone, great for in the home or in your bag.  This stone is a polished natural Malachite. 


  • Malachite is a highly protective stone, absorbing negative energy and pollutants from the atmosphere and from the body. It guards against radiation of all kinds and clears electromagnetic pollution. Keep near the microwave in the kitchen and television in the living area.
  • In the workspace, Malachite protects against noise, bright fluorescent lighting and harmful rays from technological equipment and also negative phone calls and e-mails.
  • As a highly protective stone it helps diminish fears, not only in an emotional way but also helping the body deal with the pounding heart and sweats that can accompany resistance to change and phobias. This is how it became a talisman for travelers, particularly for those with a fear of flying of travel sickness.
  • Malachite gives you a daily dose of courage, invites you to step out of your comfort zone, and gives you a reminder that to move forward in life, there are some things you may need to leave behind.

    *note: Malachite in it's raw form can be toxic. The polished version is 100% safe to wear. You can rinse it with cold water to clean but you should never use Malachite to make crystal water.

Malachite smooth stone (Malachiet gladde steen)

Productcode: 90201139
€ 7,00Prijs
  • High quality hand picked gemstone delivered to your doorstep fully cleaned and charged. It will arrive in a protective pouch with a card that will remind you of it's meaning. 

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