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The Master Healer

  • Clear quartz helps to raise your consciousness, bring clarity, and amplify energy.

  • Hold against your chest and point up to obtain energy, point down to release energy. 

  • Clear Quartz is the most popular and versatile healing stone of all the crystals.

  • It is the most powerful healing stone thought to be able to work on any condition.

  • Known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention and magnifies the vibrations of the stones around it.

  • Ideal to wear daily and combine with other stones

  • Choose your clear quartz on a silver or gold-plated necklace!

One of the most abundant minerals in the world, clear quartz can develop in a wide range of environments and can be found on every continent. ​


A scientist at IBM, Marcel Vogel, even studied the connection between human emotion and the molecular structure of crystals. He believed that the crystal’s cellular formation was susceptible to change depending on what he was thinking at the time. According to Vogel, the crystal reacts to your “program” and mirrors it in its own composition. You can therefore program your crystal!

To program the quartz with your intentions, hold it in the palm of your hand, and focus on what you want to transfer into the crystal. The crystal will download your intentions, and help to manifest those goals through its ability to amplify in the same sort of way it does in technological devices.


Its healing properties will amplify any energy surrounding or being put into it, so making sure to occasionally cleanse the stone is important in order to maintain a positive energy.

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