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Lucky Aventurine! Lovely Aventurine necklace with a subtle sized but high quality.


Beautiful pendent on an necklace with a Wild Stones Amsterdam logo. 


The Aventurine stone's meaning is derived from the Italian word 'aventura,'' which means 'by chance,'' a good name for one of the luckiest stones in the world!


It calms negative emotions such as anger that often gets stuck in the heart center and creates happiness around you.  


Besides boosting your luck in everyday situations, the Aventurine crystal healing properties are especially useful for high-stakes moments like job interviews, performances, important meetings, and even dates. 

Aventurine minimalist necklace (Aventurijn ketting)

Productcode: 9020-GAV Aventurijn
€ 46,00Prijs
  • High quality real gem stone set in a chain with a small steel charm saying WSA (Wild Stones Amsterdam).

    Your necklace will arrive in a beautiful protective box along with a card to remind you of your stone's effects.

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