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Tips when combining gemstones

Bijgewerkt op: 25 okt. 2022

I was recently asked whether you can also combine crystals with each other and whether you can do that randomly or if some gems really don't match! You can definitely combine! I usually combine my stones or necklaces by my gut feeling, but I have a few 'ground rules' in mind. A gemstone must suit you and a choice for a stone is very personal. Just as the choice of a stone is different for everyone, a good combination can also be different for everyone. What works for you may not work for others! 'Listen to your feelings' we always say when choosing a stone and this is also when choosing a combination! However, some stones do not fit together as well.

You can think of the following tips when you are looking for a combination of gemstones to wear on your body (putting several stones together in your house is fine without thinking about the combination, the information below is really for when you have a combination of necklaces or loose stones with you):

Choose gemstones that complement each other in energy

When you choose a necklace or stone to wear with you in the morning, you choose it because you like it and/or because it works. Choose deliberately and if you want to combine, choose a stone that complements and does not counteract the effect of the first! For example, you can almost always combine Clear quartz because it enhances the effect of other crystals! If you want a crystal for grounding, wear a Red Jasper and a Tiger Eye together. (Tip: on the site you can also filter by effect and see which stones belong to it!)

Choose crystals from the same family

Crystals from the same family usually go well together! For example stones from the Quartz family, Rose quartz, Clear quartz and Amethyst (the famous Golden Triangle!). Or stones from the Tourmaline group.

Choose gemstones of similar clarity and density

The performance of a gemstone is influenced by its density and clarity. Clear stones like a Clear quartz work on the mind. This will allow you to see situations more clearly. So stones that are more translucent are part of your feelings. A Rose quartz, for example, belongs to love. If the density of a stone is higher, they have a more earthy effect. These earthly stones focus more on the body. Like the Jasper. This provides grounding, more focus and more physical energy. Read more about how a gemstone works here.

Choose by color

Gemstones and crystals come in different colors and shapes. The color of a stone is not only beautiful and perhaps fits well with your outfit, but also tells you something about how it works. The color is determined by the different elements and minerals from which the stone is built. That is why gemstones often have different colors or areas of color. If you know what the colors mean, it is also easier to choose a certain color. In general, a stone with a warm color (red, orange, yellow) is more stimulating and activating. The Jade is a green stone that calms and relaxes more. This is a neutral color. And a bluish or purple stone has a harmonizing effect. Read more about the colors of the stones in another blog!

A few nice combinations:

- the Golden Triangle (check this blog!)

- Tiger eye and Red Jasper (promotes your focus and provides grounding)

- Moonstone and Jade (promotes fertility and protects expectant mother)

- Amethyst and Citrine (promotes relaxation, optimism and sunny mood)

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