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How are you feeling? What do you need? How can you help yourself today? Sometimes it’s blue, sometimes it’s pink. Some days a shiny necklace, some days a grounding stack of bracelets.

The act of choosing your bracelets, necklaces and crystals (edelstenen sieraden) each morning is about intention setting: 

pausing, reflecting, and setting an intention feels good, which, in turn, can make you healthier.

Start your day with a routine that makes you feel more settled and in control. Glance at your wild stone throughout the day to remember that this morning, like every morning, you woke up and decided to take good care of yourself.

When you need extra protection, a grounding stone can go in your pocket. And when you want to hold that intention even closer to your heart, wear it on a necklace.

Gifting crystals and jewels is equally fulfilling: white agate for pregnancy, amethyst for stress relief or better sleep, and rose quartz for anyone that could use a little extra love. 

Seriously though, do crystals really work?

Read the real life examples of how it affected the lives of Wild Girls all over the world in the blog and decide for yourself.

Wild Stones Amsterdam sells only real, natural crystals. No man-made. No coloring.



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